COS: Kervensky Anestil


Faith Beaubrun, Staff Writer

My name is Kervensky Anestil and I’m in the medical program here at Santaluces. This year for Health Science II we are basically focusing on getting our Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) licence. Part of the curriculum includes getting your CPR licence-which I have already gotten- and learning about how to get our EMR license. I will for sure continue on with the program next year which will be my senior year. This is my first year at this school, I transferred from Blanche Ely High School in Broward County. They also had a medical program but it was totally different, it was manly focused on nursing and I didn’t want to do that. I prefer the medical program here for sure. Other than that, for my first year here I guess this school is pretty cool. There are a lot of programs and activities you can do here.