Ashlee Miller

Mahalia Barnes, Staff Writer

Name- Ashlee Miller

Grade- 11th

Who is Ashlee Miller? 

She is a fellow chief here at Santaluce High School; not only does she represent the school, but she also represents the JROTC Academy. She’s unique because it’s rare for a female to be a part of this male-dominated academy. According to Miller, “Being in the JROTC is important to my goals because it has helped me and given me the confidence and guidance that I  desire.”

What is the JROTC Academy like? 

Ashlee’s response “The JROTC Academy is like a second home, it pushes me to my full potential and to succeed in my goals. The teachers want us to be the best versions of ourselves in school and also outside of school. I am expected to represent the academy every and anywhere I go, which means we are not just your regular students at Santaluces High School. We are held to a higher standard and we have to own up to that role. My fellow classmates and I are taught leadership skills because we are constantly working together as a team in the JROTC Academy.”