William Simmons the Fright Night employee- Chiefs of Santaluces


Christopher Vargas, Entertainment Editor

When you go to Fright Nights you only see one side of it. Most don’t recognize the employees and volunteers who work there. Fellow Chief William Simmons is going to tell us his experiences as a scarer in Fright Nights.

Chris: How did you get your position as a scare actor?

William: They threw out an ad for casting there were a bunch of people there. There were two lines, one for people wanting a paying job and one for volunteering. I was hand-picked by my director, I forgot his name. He told me my position and everything. I remember being one of the first people to get in. And after I filled out my application it all fell into place.

Chris: How would you describe your workplace conditions?

William: The working conditions are intense. I usually work 6-7 hours I get there at 4 P.M and leave at 12 A.M-1 A.M. I stay that long to get rid of makeup the scarers wear. One thing you notice when you work there is that it’s hot. Luckily for me, there are fans to keep people cool if you’re close. They are honestly doing the best they can because all the houses are in warehouses. Employees as far as they go are friendly to one another.

Chris: Do you have any workplace stories to share?

William: In one room there were buoys hanging from the ceiling. And I scared this one girl so bad she grabbed one and threw it at me. She felt really bad and apologized right after.
One day News Team Ten came and one thing led to another, I got to scare them all.