Chiefs of Santaluces: Edson Pavilus

Marcela Alfaya

Edson Pavilus is a Senior with quite the record. Not only is he deeply involved with school activities such as Link Crew and Latinos in Action, he also managed to get full completion of the visual arts academy and earned himself the title of Homecoming King 2018 after vigorous campaigning throughout the school. Although he’s been an Honor Roll student for three years straight, academics aren’t his only strength.

During his Junior year, Edson joined and became a Varsity Wrestler for the Santaluces Chiefs.

“I started because I’ve always wanted to do a sport and I chose Wrestling because I had friends on the team.” -Edson Pavilus

During the span of those two years, Edson has made a name for himself in the Wrestling world. As a two time Conference Champion, his name can be found in the local newspaper: The Palm Beach Post. Placing in this year’s spot as District Champion, he found himself within the Top 17 High School Wrestlers in the State. Edson’s name can be found in The Orlando Centennial, when he both won the Honor Roll Athlete Award and when he earned a First Team Honorable Mention Award. Due to his near perfect attendance to practices, during his junior year, Edson was voted The Most Dedicated Wrestler on his team of eleven people.

Edson is a prime example of a hard working student athlete with plan for his future.

“When I grow up I want to be able to help a lot of people in life.”-Edson Pavilus