COS: Ryan Jayne


Alayna Reddick

Jayne practices conducting with co drum major, Esquenazi.

Christopher Vargas, Staff Writer

Ryan Jayne starts off his senior year as one of the two new drum majors. The title of drum major it is one of the highest positions anyone can get in the school band. Their responsibilities include calling the band to attention, beginning, and conducting the show.

The position of drum major is decided by a vote among the band. A recording breaking number of band students this year created a need for a co. drum major. 

“As drum major, I feel like I’m making a positive change in the band. I’m controlling everything the marching band does in terms of music, and I get to take a major role in leadership.” 

“I’ve mentally prepared myself to be this role, taking leadership roles in band prior to this year. It honestly took a lot for me to decide to take this role, as I kept backing out and reentering the race.” 

Looking back, Ryan Jayne has progressed through his years here at Santaluces. Jayne began in leadership by becoming the section leader of the clarinets. His next step was to become secretary, which allowed him to help organizing the band as a whole. He is very active around Santaluces in clubs like Key club, NHS, photography club, student council, and SGA.  

“This came as a major surprise to me, as I never would’ve expected to be drum major as an incoming freshman. Now I’m entering my senior year and it’s still hard to grasp the fact that I’ve been elected.” 

Ryan Jayne isn’t alone when leading the band. He has Mr. Nunziato and co. drum major Ellie Esquenazi, who all have the best hopes for band along with Ryan. 

 “I think especially with our new band director our concerts will seriously be the best they’ve ever been recently.”

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