COS Jason N Auguste


Gevorg Mnatsakanyan, Staff Writer

COS : Jason N Auguste


Age: 17 year old

Favorite out of school activities: producing music 

Job: Starbucks 


Jason N Auguste is currently in his Junior year of high school and is a club officer for Music Tech club. He’s promoting the club in order to bring in more students, which would allow many people to collaborate on projects. Music tech is a club for students who like to take their production skills to the next level. The club has many students who are good at many different things. This makes their meeting full of learning and sharing what they know. “ We have producers from a South Florida community who come in to teach us what they know to further excel our abilities.” 


Jason feels as if his favorite memory of high school was during his freshman year when he was a 3rd string running back/outside linebacker, “Being a part of a group of many people with different mindsets helped me to push myself. I taught myself many life skills, such as cooperating with many different faces as a whole and learning how to express myself more.”

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