COS: Humaira Ashrafi

Humaira Ashrafi enjoys binge watching Criminal Minds

Humaira Ashrafi enjoys binge watching Criminal Minds

Humaira Ashrafi is a Senior who is dedicated to whatever she does. Ashrafi came to the United States no less than five years ago. She did not let any language barriers or cultural barriers stop her. From being apart of various clubs to maintaining near-perfect grades, Ashrafi constantly aims to set the standard higher for herself.

Ashrafi is apart of the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Santaluces Criminal Justice Academy Honor Guard, and Florida Public Service Association. Ashrafi also takes part in Early Childhood.

Being apart of the Criminal Justice Academy is something that means a lot to Ashrafi. Dedicating all 4 years of her high school experience to the academy, Ashrafi plans events, takes part in community service, and plays a part in helping out the underclassmen.

Most of Ashrafi’s time is dedicated to being apart of the FPSA team and as the secretary of NHS. FPSA allows Ashrafi to travel and compete against other students in the knowledge of Criminal Justice.

Beyond high school, Ashrafi plans on attending Georgetown University and majoring in International Politics. Moving forward, Ashrafi wishes to be apart of the Navy and then joining the Department of Justice Counterterrorism Agency.