COS: Megan Zervas


Courtesy of Megan Zervas

Megan’s senior picture

Carla Canessa, Social Media Editor

Megan Zervas, a Santaluces Senior, has been dedicated to her education since it started and has many academic accomplishments to accompany her in the future.

Always striving for the best, Megan has completed many rigorous courses throughout her high school career, such as AICE and AP classes, along with being in the National Honor Society, Drill Team, and Bowling Team. Megan is in the top 10% of the class of 2021 and has the distinct accomplishment of having perfect attendance not only in high school but since she first started her education in elementary school.

Megan thoroughly enjoyed her experience attending Santaluces, despite her last year being virtual, as she made new friends and meaningful connections with others.

“I like the friends and experiences I made during these four years. Being able to attend Santaluces and experience the joys of clubs really made my 4 years wonderful.”

Despite the difficulties of virtual learning as many 2021 graduates have endured in their final year, Megan also had an apathetic attitude about it, showing that it didn’t affect her too greatly.
“It wasn’t a bad experience and it was frustrating at times, overall I didn’t have much problems with it, I was actually really indifferent to it.”

She is also enrolled in the Army Junior ROTC Academy as a Cadet Sergeant First Class, and is in her 4th year, and will continue to pursue a career in the military after graduation.

“I really value the skills I’ve learned throughout my time in the academy and will continue to use these skills in the future.”

She is planning on attending Florida International University in Miami, as she aspires to work in medicine and help those in need while making a difference in her country.

“This is a really big dream I’ve had, I really want to complete my degree in Biomedical Sciences, and then join the Army as a Medical Corps Officer in order to help people.”

Megan with her multiple awards during the Senior Award Ceremony (Khan Ho )