COS: Christopher Eugene


Leah Fleurinor

Christopher Eugene is a Junior here are Santaluces.

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer

Christopher Eugene, or Chris, is an 11th grader who is a part of the Criminal Justice Academy. Chris balances out his time between taking rigorous classes and preparing for his future career.

What he likes best about Santaluces are the different academy programs offered here. A favorite memory of his at Santaluces is enjoying Ms. Ramos’ lectures. His favorite classes are AICE Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Chris plans on attending Florida State University or the University of Florida and majoring in Business Management. Career-wise, Chris would love to be a civic lawyer.

How has COVID impacted your high school journey? “Covid has impacted my high school journey in a somewhat positive way; in a sense that I was able to achieve straight A’s. So, I wouldn’t say COVID negatively impacted my school life.”

If you had any advice to give to the students of Santaluces, what would it be? “Get some close friends and not just friends you see at school, but actual friends, and do extracurriculars to meet new people so that you’re able to network. You never know when you’ll need a favor.”

During his free time, he watches some of his favorite shows. His favorite movie is Parasite and is currently watching the drama series Money Heist.