COS: Marie Louica


Marie Loucia

This is Marie, the Sophomore class president, and she always has a smile on her face.

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

Marie Louica is an outstanding student here at Santaluces. Marie is a Sophomore. Not only that, she is the Sophomore class president. The class president communicates the students’ needs to the administration. She has put an example for all students to follow and is always ready to help.

Marie is in the National English Honors Society and Student Government Association (SGA). When asked how do you feel about being class president she stated, “It’s stressful, but I love it”.

Marie likes Santaluces because of the community and the people inside of it. Recently, Marie has been going around the school, decorating the classrooms and halls to boost morale. She has been trying to solve some of the problems she sees around the school. These problems include the lunchlines, the dress code, and informing students more.

When students bring something up to her, she always tries to address this problem and inform the administration.

When asked what her favorite memory here was she stated, “My first outdoor pep rally because I was a part of SGA, so I was a part of creating that magic. I love the spirit.” When it comes to school spirit, Marie is always involved from dressing down as a snowman to wearing an ugly sweater.

Since COVID started, many things have changed here at school. For example, an outdoor pep rally with students. Marie has felt more confident in herself and outgoing; COVID has allowed her to learn more about herself.

When asked what her plans were after school she stated, “I plan to go to law school after college because I’m going to major in law.” Marie has big plans and is striving to achieve her goals and plans.

She is an excellent student and is very involved in the school and finding ways to improve it for the students attending now and for future students.