COS: Angelica Martinez


Angelica Martinez

This is Angelica enjoying her day and her bright smile.

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

Angelica Martinez is a Junior at Santaluces High School. She is an excelling academic student. Angelica has accomplished many things throughout her three years. She takes classes that challenge her academically and pushes her to give her best. Currently, she is taking AICE Marine, Medical, AICE Literature AS, and dual enrollment. She started Dual Enrollment as a Sophomore and pushed herself even if she was afraid.

As a first-generation, college has always been a dream that seemed impossible.

Angelica said, “I was overwhelmed and scared, but I’m glad I did it. Even if it was a scary journey, I’m glad I did it.” No one in her family has ever attended college or even knew the process and steps to get in. Angelica pushed herself out of that fear and preserved what she always wanted. She is closer to getting her AA, and the classes are all paid for.

She is in the medical program here at Santaluces and has been in it throughout middle school and high school. She plans on being an emergency pediatric physician. Angelica will be early admitted next year, attending PBSC as a full-time student as a Senior in high school.

When asked what her most significant academic achievement was, she said, “My biggest academic achievement was getting honor roll; my freshman year was hard, and now seeing how well I’ve improved makes me proud of myself.”

Angelica Martinez is excelling in her academics. She is also in many clubs such as Key Club, the Women of Tomorrow, and Best Buddies. She is a 9th-grade officer for Key Club. In Key Club, she does service projects and encourages the members to give back to the community.

“One of my favorite things that we have done is a school supplies drive. It was nice because we collected a lot of school supplies.”

When COVID started, Angelica was involved with two non-profit organizations; she was also a student aid at her church and taught 4th graders to complete their communion.