COS: Ketgina Jean


Ketgina Jean

Ketgina taking a picture in front of the Class of 2022 sign from CADY.

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer

Ketgina Jean is an outstanding student that goes above and beyond to succeed in her work and also has big dreams of becoming a P.A. Ketgina is a Senior here at Santaluces. I asked her a couple of questions and here’s what she had to say.

Outside of school, what are your days consisted of? 

Honestly, not much; it usually just works, school, repeat. If you ask me, I feel like outside of school, my life is pretty boring. Especially now that I’m unemployed, I try to do things by myself here and there because I just feel like sitting at home 24/7 becomes depressing to me.”

Before the school year ends, what’s one thing you’ve learned that will help out in the future? 

One thing I’ve learned that will help me in my future is time management. I feel this will help me in my future because it’ll help me accomplish many things at a certain time. Everything doesn’t really run on our clock; time management has really helped me pace myself with school work and many aspects of school.

Where do you want to go to college? What do you want to major in and what career do you want to pursue?

Florida State University. I’d like to major in psychology to become a PA (physician assistant).

What are some things you will miss about high school?

Some things I’ll miss about high school is probably just getting used to getting up every morning just to know I’m coming to high school; that’ll definitely be over. After graduation, it’s like my life is really starting and I have to get myself together. Another thing I’ll miss about high school is all the good times I’ve had and the laughs; also the teachers that have been there for me and had a great influence on my life.

Any advice for upcoming Seniors?

Just enjoy your Senior year while you can. Past students that have graduated have always told me Senior year goes by fast and I didn’t believe it, honestly. One thing I can say is they weren’t lying. It goes way too fast altogether; four years of high school goes by fast. But also try participating in everything that you can to have fun because honestly, I didn’t really participate in much at all during my Senior year. I don’t regret it though, just knowing the person that I am.