COS: KJ Jean


KJ Jean

KJ Jean is a senior here at Santaluces.

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer

KJ Jean is a Senior here at Santaluces, KJ is funny, outgoing, and isn’t scared to speak up. KJ has dreams of learning and launching a business in trading. Yesterday I interviewed him and this is what he had to say.

With school almost over how would you explain your 4 years of high school?

“At first it was very hard for me because I came from a private school and I’ve had been there all my life. Adapting to public school was new to me; the school work, the tests, and the district portal. I started off slow and didn’t do so well. Eventually, after weeks passing by I started to get the hang of it. In high school, I also had a lot of ups and downs, with focusing on my school work, and my grades. Now everything is fine and I thank my teachers for taking their time with me.”

When you’re not at school what do your days consist of?

“When I’m not at school I’m mostly training in basketball, lifting weights, and shooting on the court. Besides that, I catch up on sleep or hang out with my boys.”

What were your funniest moments here at Santaluces?

“My funniest moments would be playing around after practice and hanging out. It’s always funny moments with them.”

After graduating what are your plans?

“My plans are to go off to college and learn how to launch a business with trading.”

What are your feelings about graduation?

“I feel normal, to be honest, I’m just happy I maintained everything and made it to the finish line.”

Name one teacher, counselor, or administrator you would like to recognize and explain why.

“I will thank Ms. Cacase and Mr. Brown because they were always on me about getting my scores to graduate high school. If it weren’t for God himself and them, It wouldn’t have been possible.”