COS: Jazmin Guialdo


Jazmin Guialdo

Jazmin Guialdo holding her award for “Student of the Year” for beginning chorus.

Bryanne Elie, Staff Writer

Jazmin Guialdo is currently a Junior who is a part of the Singing Chiefs here at Santaluces. Her experience at Santaluces has been really positive as she has met many nice people who have become amazing friends. It was those same friends that had encouraged her to join the Singing Chiefs. 

Jazmin has always had a love for singing.

Her dad is one of her greatest influences as he “sings in the shower” and “uses music to calm down after a very stressful day.” She believes that her outstanding vocal ability came because of her dad. As a child, along with her cousins, she sang some of her favorite songs from the KPOP band, “Wonder Girls.” They would dance and sing in the living room which inspired her to sing more. 

As a Singing Chief, Jazmin speaks very highly of the program.  “It’s like a family,” she says, ”They help you out and won’t make fun of you when you mess up.” When asked about her favorite song that she sang along with the Singing Chiefs she said, “Lead with Love” by Melanie Demore since “It’s a super catchy song with lyrics that have stuck with me ever since.” 

She has also been awarded the “Best Student of the Year” award for beginning chorus by her teacher and director of the Singing Chiefs, Ms. Agaoglu. 

Although Jazmin aspires to be a teacher one day, so she’d likely only sing the ABCs, she hopes that being a part of the Singing Chiefs will help her gain the confidence to speak and perform in front of a crowd. She was initially reluctant to join because she had a serious case of stage fright but with the help of fellow friends, it was a no-brainer for her to join.

She encourages anyone who’s interested in joining that they should go for it as it is “a nice community to be a part of.”