COS: Chlorena Pochette


Cindy Apolonio Romero

This is Chlo participating during ‘Decades Day’.

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

An outstanding student here at Santaluces is Chlorena Pochette. An active member of the Key Club, she strives to help her community by giving her time volunteering. Chlorena, also known as Chlo, is a new incoming member of the Black Student Union (BSU); she plans on getting more involved and contributing to the club.

“BSU is a club that I just joined and I plan on getting fully involved.”

This is Chlo’s Senior year here at Santaluces; when asked how her experience here is she stated, “My time here at Santaluces has been good, I made a lot of new friends. I’ve joined clubs I never thought I would join, Santaluces has helped me evolve and get excited about being an active student because of the environment here. It is very welcoming and something for everybody.”

A hobby that Chlo enjoys is cooking. She is in the Culinary Program at Santaluces and is able to practice her cooking skills while enjoying something she likes to do. She also expresses herself through her art and enjoys being creative.

Currently, taking AICE Literature, Chlo plans to be a dermatologist. Palm Beach State College has an esthetician program and Chlorena plans on starting her dermatology journey there. Later, she will transfer to FAU as she wants to stay close to home. She hopes to start as a dermatologist RN and work herself up to being a dermatologist.

Chlo has a bright future ahead of her and wants to execute her plans with the help of her family and friends. Her friends are great support and encourage her to do good every day.