COS: Bryanne Elie


Jazmin Guialdo

Bryanne taking a few pictures with some balloons she received during lunch.

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer

Bryanne Elie is an exceptional and brilliant Junior here at Santaluces. Bryanne is taking several AICE and AP classes while participating in clubs. She is a part of National Honors Society and First Priority Club.

COVID-19 has impacted Bryanne’s high school journey a lot. She started off as a Freshman online and her Sophomore year was basically her Freshman year. At first, she was pretty lonely and didn’t have any direction on where to go.

Bryanne loves the community because she has met several lifelong friends. One of her favorite memories is going to our home football games because of the great atmosphere and it was quite enjoyable. Her experience here at Santaluces has been quite a handful. “It’s been nice and a lot better than I had expected,” says Bryanne.

If Bryanne had to give one piece of advice to the students of Santaluces then it would be “to discipline yourself, because you shouldn’t rely on motivation to keep you going as that is typically based off of your feelings. But if you have discipline, it is going to be easier to get work done. Also, it’s important to relax and don’t overwork yourself because school will never be worth losing your sanity.”

Although Bryanne does not know specifically what she wants to study in college, she still desires to attend a 4-year university up north. What she does know is that she would love to do something along the lines of writing.

In her free time, Bryanne reads several books and loves to watch movies.