COS: Aanyah Evans


Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer

Aanyah Evans is an AICE-taking Junior here at Santaluces that will be graduating early along with the Class of 2023.  Unfortunately, Aanyah was a part of the Freshman class during the COVID year that “obliterated” her high school experience; that made her grow a “deep apathy for [her] grades” and she couldn’t focus on what her teachers were saying. Going back to school in person improved her experience, but her grades still suffered.

Even with that rough start, Aanyah has made many great memories during the past few years. Her favorite things about this school are the chicken quesadillas, the teachers, and the overall environment. Her favorite times at this school were in Mr. Gray’s and Mr. Snyder’s classes and spending lunch with her friends. Currently, she’s trying to get through the remainder of high school so that she can attend FAU to major in psychology, as it has been her dream since the end of middle school. She hopes to be either a physical therapist or a Physician Assistant as a career path in the future.

Through some reflection, Aanyah has realized that she’s going to miss her time at Santaluces. She didn’t expect to have “all the pride that [she] has been one nor did [she] expect [herself] to brag about it.”

Her advice to incoming students is that if opportunities are brought to you like AICE classes to acquire the AICE diploma, you should go for it. Also, if you tend to have a lot of absences, it’s best to inform your teachers about your habits so they can know what they’re getting themselves into. There are some teachers that tend to miss and can’t deal with you missing school for two weeks straight and want you to reach your fullest potential. So, letting them know is the smart thing to do so they can adjust to your habits.