COS: Francisco Fermin


Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

A very talented student at Santaluces High School is Francisco also known as “Franky.” He makes a huge contribution to the school and is involved in filming and sharing what goes on in Santaluces. Franky enjoys going to all of the games here including Soccer, Football, and Basketball.

Franky is in the newspaper class for the school and takes videos and pictures to post on The Tribe. The Tribe is a well-known account on campus that informs students about what is going on in school. Many students go on the Tribe to see teams’ play, and final scores, and access information.

He takes rigorous classes such as AICE Photography and has been taking AICE English classes his whole time in high school. He does very well academically and continues his hard work through his hobbies.

During Football season, Franky enjoyed going to the games and videotaping the players. Constantly posting on the Tribe and accumulated many likes and comments on photos.

“It is a passion of mine to do photography because I enjoy it and have fun while doing it”.

In his free time, he enjoys editing photos and videos to post on his personal Instagram. Franky uses his Instagram as his portfolio to show his work and get potential clients. He works by doing photoshoots, and filming, and also works in construction.

After high school, Frankie plans on going to Palm Beach State College and working hard in order to become an electrician. He still wants to pursue photography on the side.