COS: Dana Ulysse

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

An outstanding student here at Santaluces is Dana Ulysse. Currently, she is the student government president and she excels at it. She plans events such as the Valentine’s Day Festival and the Snowball; all of these activities require lots of time and intricate planning to pull off for the whole school. She works closely with staff, and administration, and has creative ideas regarding future plans.

Teamwork is a skill that Dana has, as she gives roles to people in her group that fit them so the event excels. For example, the Valentine’s Day Festival was a huge event in the courtyard that took multiple groups to create. Dana’s job is to give students in Student Government different roles and break them into groups that all have different responsibilities.

Along with being involved in school, Dana also excels academically. She is taking Global Perspectives this year in pursuit of getting her AICE Diploma. The Diploma is given to students who have passed seven AICE classes/exams.

The balance between her academics and school involvement is very impressive.

Dana has been on the flag football team for two years as well. She is a starting linebacker on the Varsity team. Her job is to defend the tide-ins that try to pass her and has one of the most important positions on the defense team. Nothing gets passed Dana and she swiftly takes flags.

Her future plans in education are to attend Florida State University to become a medical malpractice lawyer along with civil rights and eventually be able to own her own firm. She is going to major in Economics and minor in Interior Design to have her own business as an interior designer for homes while she pursues being a lawyer.

Some of her hobbies include traveling around the world, baking, and spending time with her friends. Dana is always seen with her closest friends, Zaria and Laila. They are a trio that helps support one another and keep each other on track to reach each other’s goals.