Free the Class of 2014

Free the Class of 2014

Imagine being two weeks away from graduation, all your credits are taken care of and colleges are waiting for you to receive your diploma, but the one thing that stops you is the … obligation list.

Not only have you passed all the classes this county could throw at you for the last twelve years, you have met community service hours and scored high on the SAT, but owing money can put everything on pause. The problem with most kids is the fact that they don’t even remember the obligation until it is to late, me being one of them. It took five years of constant harassment for me to stop being so indolent.

Most teenagers’ think that these obligations are going to magically disappear the more they forget, but the less you care about them the more debt you will be in.

From textbooks to sports uniforms, there is a lot of merchandise that will get you into trouble. If you can manage to find the item lost, it could make a big difference in your wallet.

Some kids say that they don’t know what to do because the item is from years ago in a different school, well, luckily, any item lost that you return to your current school will send it to the old one.

So, if you are planning on walking across the stage and receiving that diploma, make sure you balance your obligations before hand. Every student should be informed of their obligations but we are adults now and should know for ourselves.

Don’t leave your future up to the school; they are paid to teach, not babysit.

Even if you bring in a damaged book back, paying for damages can be a lot cheaper then paying for the whole item. We are all so close to graduating, let’s just turn all these obligations in, get our diploma, and the class of 2014 will be free.