Best of Instagram


Sophia Clifton, Staff Writer

Around one billion users visit Instagram every single month. These astounding numbers make it very difficult for users to pick and choose the best accounts to follow. There are Instagram accounts that can cater to anyone’s interests: fashion, entertainment, food, and art. Instagram can also appeal to users of all ages and backgrounds; that is the beauty of it. This list highlights some of the best pages on Instagram in 2019.


  1. @screenplayed


User ‘screenplayed’ posts various movie scenes matched up with the original screenplay of that scene. This page is perfect for any film buffs or people who may be interested in acting, writing, or directing. With only about 350 posts, the account has more than 600,000 followers. ‘Screenplayed’ posts both movies and tv shows which appeal to various audiences.


  1. @devonleecarlson


Model and Youtuber Devon Carlson is one of the co-founders of the popular phone case company, Wildflower Cases. Carlson’s Instagram features her daily outfits and sneak peeks of new phone cases. Followers can also expect lots of pictures of Carlson’s dog, Martin. This account is in my top ten because the vibrant photos and interesting backgrounds Carlson posts always inspire me for my own feed.


  1. @deepdarkfears


‘Deepdarkfears’ is a comic page that features hundreds of comics about people’s most secretive fears. These comics are hand drawn by artist Fran Krause, Krause accepts submissions from his Instagram followers to create new comics. Some of Krause’s comics include fears of statues coming to life or seeing monsters in a dark bedroom. Krause’s Instagram is a must-follow because it really gets readers thinking about the kinds of fears they didn’t even know they had.


  1. @trashyarchive


‘Trashyarchive’ is a fashion account run by user ‘hannaibrisagic.’ Hanna posts everything from shoes to handbags to makeup looks. Instagram’s slideshow feature is incredibly useful for ‘trashyarchive.’ The account uses slideshows to categorize each post. This makes it very easy for users to find inspiration for whatever outfit they may want. Any fans of fashion and beauty will find ‘trashyarchive’ very useful for inspiration and browsing.


  1. @subwayhands


Photographer Hannah La Follette Ryan started the account ‘subwayhands’ to capture New York City’s diverse subway population. Projects like ‘Humans of New York’ achieve a similar goal of capturing the population in a relatable and unique way. Ryan captures manicured nails, couples holding hands, and fists gripping the subway railings. Ryan captures New York in a fresh, new way that earns her the label ‘must-follow.’