Books Rule Over Movies


Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

This has been a long debate world wide. Movies are easy to watch, but they aren’t as good as books. Even though books take more time to read, they help you read well and you’ll appreciate the story more.

Books usually end up being better. Books are the original copy, it has all of the details and the story the way it was made to be. When you read books, you get to make your own characters and you get to interpret things the way you want to. Reading books will always leave you more attached to the characters and the story line. It’s more personal and requires your full attention in order to understand what’s going on.

“Books are better then movies because they’re more in depth about the story,” said sophomore Danielle Copp. ¬†“Movies always leave you missing pieces of the book.”

As much as I love movies, they’ll never be as good as the books. Of course they can make you feel the same way the character is feeling¬†and be developed well, but half the time movies aren’t even made the way the book intended. So many movies leave out details that made the book good. This is due to the amount of time movies are allowed to be. A lot of the time they can’t fit all the details from the book into the time limit. They usually just pick and choose what they think is the most important.

Although movies aren’t full of all of the book’s context they can still be enjoyed. Movies can make you feel a different connection to the characters than the book can. The fact of watching the characters live in physical form makes you have more emotions over what happen to them.

Every time you read a book and watch the movie after many things are different. This can get aggravating if you’re both a book lover and a movie lover. When you get so attached to a book you want to see the movie that exactly resembles the book. The most aggravating thing is when Hollywood picks characters that don’t even look the way they’re described in the books. You can rarely find a movie that even comes close to actually being the same as the book.

If you’re going to waste two and a half hours watching a movie that doesn’t even have all the book’s details in it, you’re better off just reading the book. Books have so many advantages overall. You can get more fluent in reading, get better at comprehension of what you read, and enjoy yourself at the same time.