Chiefs of Santaluces: Ms. Ardner

Karen Garcia, Staff Writer

“When I was 16, I drove by my dream car for sale on the side of the road, a bright red 1990 Saab 900. I was working at McDonalds at the time and had just saved up enough money to buy the little red Saab, my perfect car. I got the car and was over-the-moon excited to drive all over the place. Gas was around 97 cents at the time and I was free! Not too long after I was driving into town and the car started putting along as I was climbing a hill, it would barely go. Oh no, I thought. What will I do? I pulled off to the side of the road and after a brief rest it was driving like normal again. Just a fluke, I thought, but no, this continued to happen. Periodically as I was driving around with my friends, the car would act up and we would be forced to stop wherever we were and give the car a break, sometimes for hours. These times of being stranded and wandering around town surprisingly turned out to be some of the best times. We created many memories when we were ‘stuck.’ It turns out that the intermittent problem was a transmission issue. When I was 17, I sold the car for $500.00 to a mechanic and got a Volkswagen.”