Say Yes to the College: Bianney Perales

Bianney Perales

Stephanie Ballesteros

Bianney Perales

Stephanie Ballesteros , Staff Writer

Senior Bianney Perales has committed to Florida State University upon receiving her acceptance letter. For many, this school may seem unreachable since they have a reputation of having high requirements. According to FSU’s home page, a 3.8-4.3 GPA is required, alongside with a 1210-1310 SAT score and/or a 25-29 ACT score. Because of this, it is a great accomplishment having been accepted to this college.

Why did you decide to apply? Were you doubtful?

“I actually wasn’t going to apply in the beginning. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in. A lot of the websites that I’ve seen made me doubtful of my SAT scores. However, Ms. Walters found out that I wasn’t going to apply anymore and she encouraged me to do so. She gave me an FSU tote for good luck so I decided to apply soon after. I mean, what could I lose?”

Was this your first choice? 

“FSU has been my dream school but because of financial and locational reasons, FAU was my first choice. I actually got accepted into FAU first but something in my gut told me to wait on FSU’s decision day.”

What term are you entering? What are you planning to major in? 

“I’m entering the summer term, I want to get a head start. I also want to finish my associates degree early so that’s why summer term is the best option. I’m planning to major in Biology to become a dermatologist.”

Are you scared of a new environment? 

“I’m freaking out! It’s a seven-hour drive and not only am I panicking, but so is my mom. I’m usually pretty independent so overall, I’m excited to be on my own. I’ll be living on campus so I’ll have other people around me.”

What does your family say about your college decision? 

“Everyone is thrilled and I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts have been posted about me. Everyone is so supportive and even though I know they’ll miss me, they’re only just a phone call away. FSU is also my younger cousin’s dream school, so I’m excited to start this legacy in my family.”




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