Top 5 Pranks To Pull On April First


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As April first quickly approaches, many are looking for different kinds of pranks.

Do y’all remember the day that is simply a day where people lie to you then say “April fools” like it fixes everything? Our generation probably has trust issues because of it but it was sort of the first domino in the trust issue domino train. 

Every year April first comes around and most people don’t notice it, it’s sort of more like the national day for hotdogs rather than a national holiday. However, I do understand if you insist on throwing around a couple of pranks on your friends for some decent laughs or a little bit of irritation. So here’s a couple of pranks that I enjoy just enough to prank my friends.

 1.Coconut Malled

So the Coconut Mall theme song from Mario Kart is on Spotify and all this prank is just sending the link to your friend and then telling them that they got coconut malled. It’s honestly at its best when you haven’t talked to that person in an AWHILE. 

  2. Jumpscare – a classic

I know, I know jump scares aren’t the best especially when you’re a jumpy person but if you’re the person scaring the outcome is so much more enjoyable. 

  3.Googley Eyes

Imagine, you just wake up and head to the kitchen for cereal and coffee. You open the fridge and all the food and drinks are staring back at you. You can’t get mad at this, maybe you won’t enjoy the prank but it is a little funny and you kinda have to appreciate the effort of getting googley eyes and then gluing them on everything the night before.


This one is in the same realm as the first one but so overdone that it got annoying but it still works. But because it’s been around for so long you can do it in so many different ways. Just simply putting the link and telling your friend to watch it or finding a normal video where it pops up in the middle.

  5. Prank Calls

This is another classic where kids just are menaces to adults. Call a random number and tell them that their car warranty is up or have a full-on conversation with them but about nothing, they are talking about. Although it can also just do something more wholesome like calling them than telling them you’ll call them back later. Don’t forget to use *67 to make your number anonymous if you’re worried about a random person having your number.