The Tribe’s Banners Throughout the Year


Kylee Johnson

As the school year comes to a close, we would like to reflect on our website headers throughout the year.

Throughout the seasons, holidays, and current events of this past year, The Tribe has worked to create fun and unique banners for our website’s header.

September In the era of full virtual school, students throughout Santaluces were able to submit photos of their distance-learning setup. Some used a laptop, others used their phone; some had a fully organized desk, while others learned from bed. We even included our mascot wearing a disposable face mask. This banner is definitely representative of the 2020-21 school year.

October- For October, the month of Halloween, we added an eerie, but fun vibe to our header. The horror movie-like font, in addition to the foggy background, makes it look like it came out of a cheesy 90s Halloween movie. Similar to September’s header, we added a fun twist to our mascot–a skull!

November- A very simple header for November, we used some fall leaves to nod to the transition into winter, not that we know what that is here in Florida!

December- December is the month of ugly sweaters, even in the lovely 95° Florida weather. For this banner, we channeled the obsession with ugly knit sweaters by adding some fun patterns and a knit texture.

January- Let’s be honest… January is a pretty boring month. We took the hopeful and futuristic feelings of starting a new year and added them into our header. The shapes and slightly muted neon colors are similar to those in the 90s retro era. This banner gave a fun and fresh start to The Tribe in 2021.

February- For the first half of February, we, of course, wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We used a lovey-dovey font and pink colors to create the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day. We also wanted to remember the victims of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that occurred 3 years ago. Living so close to the school, this tragedy affected us at Santaluces greatly, and because we couldn’t hold an in-person memorial this year, bringing attention to the tragedy through our header was the least we could do.

February- For the second half of February, The Tribe wanted to celebrate Black History Month by highlighting some of the most influential Black history-makers. From more well-known people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks to less well-known, but equally as important figures like Katherine Johnson and Marsha P. Johnson, we selected just a few amazing Black pioneers.

March- Similar to February, we decided to highlight some influential women for Women’s History Month in March. From political figures to activists, to writers and artists, to The Tribe’s own advisor, Mrs. Clifton (that wasn’t her idea!), this banner celebrates a few phenomenal women in history.

April- It’s spring! To bask in the warm sun and colorful flowers, we paid credit to the fun and funky vibes of the 60s/70s. We used a groovy font with muted colors, as well as funky patterns and slight grain to resemble the adorable graphics of the 70s!

May- As we near the end of the year, we wanted to celebrate our seniors. We decorated our mascot with a graduation cap (and a mask of course!) and showed our school spirit by using our school colors. This will be the last banner for our senior staff members, as they graduate on June 7th. Congrats seniors, and everyone who made it through this tough year!