Our Immortal Heroes: DC Future State


DC Comics

DC Future State will feature iconic characters such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

DC Comics started the new year off with a HUGE two-month event! 

DC Future State will have titles ranging from Aquaman to Wonder Woman with some one-shots included as well. Readers will be able to read about different versions of their favorite characters based on the future of the DC Universe.

The purpose of this event is to include new storylines, characters, and costumes without interfering with the current continuity (we’ll see about that DC…). The other main storylines aligning with the current continuity will be stopped for the entirety of this event. 

According to IGN, “The larger Future State event is being divided into three core pillars – Superman Family, Batman Family, and Justice League Family.” 

I am personally looking forward to the Batman Family because I always look forward to the new artists and writers working on the stories. One of my favorite characters Damian Wayne will FINALLY be getting his own solo comic for this event named “Future State: Robin Eternal”! 

These storylines will be very interesting to read about as DC tries to have their characters be placed in the distant future; who knows what might happen?

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