Future State: Dark Detective #2

Future State: Dark Detective #2 features Batman on the front cover in a new look for this event.

DC continues their Future State event with Future State: Dark Detective #2!

This issue features Batman and Red Hood in separate storylines.

The Batman issue details Bruce Wayne’s life after faking his death and attempting to live a secret life. He becomes Batman again in order to fight the Magistrate – Gotham’s new order.

His new Batcave is definitely not as high-tech as his old one, but he somehow makes it work. Not to mention his roommate Noah who is extremely paranoid that the government is watching them… which turns out to be very true.

Red Hood is hired to hunt fellow vigilantes in exchange for a hefty reward. He is also joined by Rose Wilson AKA Ravager, who alongside being his vigilante partner in this issue, also shows romantic feelings for him.

It is interesting to see Red Hood working with other vigilantes who are not a part of the Bat-Family. He has also worked with other heroes including Starfire, Arsenal, Bizarro, and Artemis. However, he seems to work solo in this storyline and just reluctantly became partners with Ravager.

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