Wrap It Up: Ten Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

The holidays are approaching really quick, and if you’re anything like me, you’re going to leave gifts for the last second. Giving gifts is difficult, especially when you don’t have that much money to spend.

I recommend doing a Secret Santa with your friends, it’s a lot of fun because you focus on one person which makes things a lot cheaper. This way all your friends get gifts and you don’t have to deal with that awkward moment of forgetting to get someone something (been there, done that). If you’re at a loss on what to get, here are 10 creative ideas to give as presents.

1. Crayon Art: buy a canvas, a hot glue gun, some crayons, and you’re done. Arrange the crayons the way you want and glue them onto the canvas and leave them outside for a couple hours. It’s a fun gift, and although it can be a bit time consuming, it’s something that comes out gorgeous.

2. iTunes Gift Cards: You can buy a $15 iTunes card and boom, done! It’s convenient for everyone because a lot of stores sell cards for iTunes.

3. Food: Everyone eats and everyone loves free, give them a gift card for places like Chipotle, Moe’s, Starbucks and you’ll be someone’s best friend.

4. Used Video Games: GameStop sells used video games for good prices, all you have to do is clear any saved game files.

5. Cologne/Perfume: Perfumes or cologne can be cheap and easy to purchase. Bath and Body Works sell cheap perfumes that smell amazing and you can even buy scents that are specific for the holidays.

6. Socks: Funny socks are cheap and fun. Forever 21 sells Pomeranian socks and Journeys have socks with cool patterns on it. If your friend has a job or a fancy event, get dress socks, it will be appreciated.

7. Gift Cards for Expensive Stores: Places like Express or Sephora can be expensive, so if you can give a gift card, it goes a long way.

8. Phone cases: Phone cases can be cheap and cute, the mall has several cheap phone cases available for all different types of phones.

9. Tie Dye Shirts: You can buy kits at Michael’s or Target to spice up a plain shirt, it’s a lot of fun to do and by making a gift it shows that you took an extra effort to make the gift special.

10. Cash: If you still have no idea what to get your friends, money is an easy choice. It’s easier to just let your friends choose what they want instead of worrying if you got them the wrong thing.