5 Ways to Reduce Stress During Finals

Jennifer Corriolan

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Courtesy of MCT Campus

Final exams could be stressful for anyone. Semester grades often depend on them.

Here are five ways to reduce stress during this time:

  1. Listening to Music: Music is a great way to reduce stress, whether it’s done while studying, or even as you lay down to relax.
  2. Running: Running is another helpful way to reduce stress. Chemicals that are released while running help with limiting stress levels.
  3. Taking Breaks: It’s okay to stop over studying isn’t good for you. You can jumble up your thoughts or mix up facts. Its okay to relax, as long as you’re not doing it too much.
  4. Resting: Lying down can help because stressing yourself out won’t do anything good. In fact, it will hurt you more than it will help you.  It isn’t a bad thing if you’re feeling stressed out to just stop what you’re doing and lie down for a moment. Clear your mind, and collect your thoughts.
  5. Talking to Friends: Take a breather, and laugh it off. You could talk to your friends and keep lighthearted conversation. You could even study on the phone, or over FaceTime. Just make sure that you don’t lose focus.