Chiefs of Santaluces: Tajae Jacques


Whitney Thelusme, Staff Writer

“Sophomore year, when I was a JV cheerleader, we had our first basketball game. The JV basketball team won, so everyone on JV was watching the Varsity basketball players play. My friend Nevin was getting hyped and started beating on the bleachers with a gatorade bottle. He was yelling, making beats, and getting the crowd into the game. After one of our Varsity players dunked on the other team, Nevin started beating again and the gatorade bottle popped open and gatorade went every where. Me and my friends ran out of the gym and started laughing so hard. Gatorade was all over the bleachers and it wasn’t even our school. The schools athletic director then told us to calm down and relax with the gatorade bottle. So, we started clapping and singing ‘We are winning, we are winning, yes we are.’ That was one of the best games all season.”