Chiefs of Santaluces: Kencil Harripersaud

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

“My favorite memory is when I went to Maryland, it was in November of 2015 and I went to see some family right before Thanksgiving. I got onto the plane and I am not going to lie, I felt nervous. When I got off the plane and was greeted by my family, I felt ecstatic because I had not seen them in a couple years. That week, I went to places ranging from the Chesapeake bay to Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore was awesome, man, I had some Maryland crab for the first time and it was a lot tastier and seasoned differently then the crab that they have down here. After all of the fun we had, I had to go home. I felt bad to leave my family behind, it was an amazing experience overall, I can’t wait to go back this summer and to spend some more time with my family.”