Chiefs of Santaluces: Sebastian Collado


Savannah Devericks, Staff Writer

“My favorite memories pertaining to school would definitely have to be the pep rallies. I came from a small school and I had never even heard of a pep rally. When I walked into my first pep rally and I heard all the upperclassmen chanting and screaming I was overwhelmed. I tried to chant and scream for the freshmen but no one else tried so I just stood there in silence. My first pep rally was a really crazy experience. As the years have progressed they have been bigger and better, and I definitely have gotten louder. One of my favorite parts of the pep rally is when every grade level screams, chants, and goes crazy to win the spirit stick; of course I always want my grade to win the stick. On pep rally day everyone has so much school spirit and the excitement is incredible. Before the pep rally I get anxious waiting for that one hour of just pure fun. There’s so much energy and excitement and it’s a really fun time. All performances and skits just make even better. I have a lot of school spirit and I am dying for the next pep rally to come. “