Chiefs of Santaluces: Sharon Ferrer


Savannah Devericks, Staff Writer

“My favorite memory in the year 2016 was when I went to Orlando with my family. We visited Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure. In Islands of Adventure the first ride we went on was the Harry Potter ride, it was also my first virtual ride. In the ride, my mom was screaming at the top of her lungs thinking we were all falling. My dad was just sitting and laughing throughout the ride. After that, we went to the Jurassic Park ride. There, we got on a raft that floated us by different dinosaurs. At the very end of the ride there was a huge drop coming, and I braced myself. The raft dropped from fifty feet high. As raft was dropping, I tried screaming, but I couldn’t because of the force of the ride. Instead, a gurgling sound came out of me. When the raft reached its destination, my family having heard me make that sound, laughed until they cried.”