Chiefs of Santaluces: Luz Dones

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

“My favorite memory I have was from when I was 7 and spent Christmas day with my mom, sister, and cousins. It was such a fun day because I received a bunch of presents that were all Dora the Explorer themed toys. I was obsessed with her so I was so excited when I opened the presents and saw what was inside. After we opened all of our presents, I ate so many delicious chocolate chip cookies with a side of milk. So now that Thanksgiving is done I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s a chance to spend a day with everyone you haven’t seen in a while and everyones full of the Christmas spirit and joy. Gifts or not, it’s a beautiful time of year with bright lights, and family around you. This year I can’t wait to see my little cousins open up their gifts and see the excitement on their faces.”