Chief of Santaluces: Natalia Sotomayor

Sergio Lopez, Staff Writer

“One time I was grounded, my parents took my phone. I didn’t know how long I was grounded for. So, when my parents weren’t home, I looked in the closet, in the dressers, everywhere. My dad doesn’t know how to hide things, so he just put it in the lamp table in their room. I got on my phone and texted all my friends letting them know what’s up. They laughed at me. We talked in a group chat for a while, then I went on Instagram and Kik. When it was time to put the phone back, my sisters were in the room and I know one of my oldest sisters is a snitch, so I took the phone in my room and held on to it all night and I was afraid of getting caught. It’s still in my room now and I’m worried.”