Song-By-Song Breakdown of Tim McGraw’s ‘Damn Country Music’

Casey McDuffie, Staff Writer

Damn Country Music‘ is McGraw’s 14th studio album, and another successful album at that. This album is pure country music, and what country music is about. McGraw said in an interview that the songs on this album are where he is at in his life musically and how he wants his fans to understand his current thoughts.

I grew up listening to music like this, older-style country music. McGraw has always been one of my favorite artists, just because of the pure country sound that he put out in his albums.

McGraw to a lot of people would be known for his roles in the movies,’The Blind Side’, ‘Tomorrowland’, and ‘Country Strong’. IMG_8313

1. Here Tonight (feat. Gracie McGraw): In this song he sings it with his daughter, making it even more heartfelt and pure. McGraw always does good solo but a duet makes the song a thousand times better.

Lyrics: There’s something in the air, There’s something in the wine,
That something’s got me feeling,
I ain’t packing up and leaving this time, I’d rather be right here tonight.

2. Losin’ You: This is another favorite for me, this song makes me want to get in the car and jam while I’m driving. The beat of this song is so indescribable and perfect, it’s a perfect upbeat country song about love.

Lyrics: Yeah you kissed me one last time, Made that driveway gravel fly,
Red taillights lit like a spark, Just the start of a long goodbye, And some memories just won’t fade, Not a damn thing you can do, So girl if you’re long gone, How come I keep on losin’ you?

3. How I’ll Always Be: This song is the perfect throwback for those who loved the older styles of country songs. Despite new styles of music coming out, I’ll always love the simple and old school songs.

Lyrics: I’m a little more ol’ Hank Williams than that trendy crap,
I love a flat wood ol’ front porch made of an old oak tree, And that’s how I’ll always be,
I’ll always be a fan of ol’ stray dogs and guitars playin’,
One room churches, back road walks and front porch swingin’,
Sunset skies, bonfire nights, I love the simple things, That’s how I’ll always be.

4. Damn Country Music: This song is what I listen to when I need to get motivated or when I ever feel discouraged about following my dreams. It really makes me realize that no matter what, I need to follow my dreams.

Lyrics: For the hum of wheels on the blacktop, The strum of strings on a flat top
It’s a neon fever, For a small town dreamer, Tells you everything you have is worth losing,
Damn country music.

5. Love Runs: This is another song that would make anyone want to drive with the windows down and jam, and it’s an upbeat love song. I love the beat of this song, and just how he goes about this.

Lyrics: Then love runs through your veins, Like the wax of a candle flame,
The first time that she says your name, And you just come undone, Then love runs through her hair
Like your fingers while you stare, Into her eyes thinking she might be the one, When love walks love runs.

6. What You’re Lookin’ For: This song to me is just makes me think of letting someone you love go because they need to experience things on their own. This is a meaningful song, and that’s what pulls me into this song.

Lyrics:  I hope you find someone to love, And every dream that you dream of,
I’m not the one you need and you know it, You’re gonna leave, so baby, get going,
I won’t try to stop you anymore, Yea somewhere on the other side of that front door,
I hope you find what you’re looking for.

7. Top of the World: This is my favorite song on the album, it made me want to listen to the rest of the album. It was and is a hook for this album, and that’s what I love about McGraw’s music. It makes you want to come back for more.

Lyrics: Don’t know where we’re gonna be, But I know we’re gonna be, Sitting on top of the world,
So keep hanging on to me, Yeah, don’t you wanna be, Sitting on top of the world, Top of the world.

8. Don’t Make Me Feel At Home: I love this song, it’s a mix between an upbeat and slow song. The old school country sound pulls me into this song. I could see George Strait, the king of country music releasing a song like this.

Lyrics: Don’t make me feel at home, Cuz there ain’t nothin there but wood and stone,
Loneliness is all I feel inside those walls, And I can’t go home, Please make me feel the way,
She hasn’t made me feel in way too long, Warm me with your touch, Make me feel loved,
Don’t make me feel at home.

9. Want You Back: This song makes me think of wanting someone you love back, and how you’d do anything for them to come back. This upbeat song will pull you in and make you want to dance.

Lyrics: I want you back, back in my arms, Back of the yellow cab, chasin’ kisses in the dark,
Back, back to your place, With your red wine lips sayin’ come here baby,
I don’t know what I was thinkin’ when I let you go, And I ain’t even gonna act,
Like I don’t need you, miss you, wish that you would, Come on home.

10. California (feat. Big & Rich): This song is another favorite for me. It makes me want to go and experience new things, because the opportunities are different then what you would find around here.

Lyrics: (Cuz) she’s in love with California, And that west coast sunshine dream,
These ain’t no holly woods, And these hills ain’t Beverly, Ain’t no beaches on these backroads,
No sunset on the boulevard, She’s in love with California, And breakin’ my heart.

11. Humble and Kind: This song makes me think of my generation, and how a lot of them aren’t as kind as other generations. It upsets me that this is how it is, but this song brings hope to me, and how I’ll always be like this.

Lyrics: Hold the door say please say thank you, Don’t steal, don’t cheat, and don’t lie,
I know you got mountains to climb but, Always stay humble and kind,
When the dreams you’re dreamin’ come to you, When the work you put in is realized,
Let yourself feel the pride but, Always stay humble and kind.

12. Everybody’s Lookin’: This song also makes me want to drive with the windows down, and do what the song says, make everybody look at you because the music is so loud, and you’re just enjoying life.

Lyrics: Everybody’s lookin’ for somethin’, To take a little edge off the day yea,
A little smoke a laugh drinks on the dash lovin’, Everybody’s lookin’ for somethin’.

13. Kiss a Girl: The pace of this song makes me think of something my grandparents would dance to. This is the perfect slow dance song.

Lyrics: And it’s cherry red sweet, boy, You don’t you’re gonna change your world, When you kiss a girl.

14. Country and Western: This song makes me feel proud to be who I am, and how just being yourself will get you through anything. It’s the song I listen to when I need inspiration when I’m feeling down.

Lyrics: Steel guitars keeps on ringin’, Waylon and willie keep on singin’
You can swing it you can sway it, You can bet we’ll keep on playin’
Long as the wheel in the sky still turns, We are country and western, Country and western.