Kanye West Releases “The Life of Pablo”



Kanye West performs at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Alan McGonigle, Sports Editor

Kanye West, commonly referred to as Yeezy released his seventh studio album over the weekend.

West went to twitter to announce the album, at first, the album was called “So Help Me God” but later, was changed to “SWISH” then, Kanye being as indecisive as he is, changed the name to “Waves”

Waves stuck around until another announcement on Twitter said that their might be a new name for the album. After so much frustration from the fans, he gave the initials of the album, “T.L.O.P.” Kanye fans started to become philosophers as they attempted to decode the name of the coveted album.

The rap star finally released the name, to the fans surprise, it was called “The Life of Pablo.”

In this album, Kanye had famous rappers such as Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, and Chance The Rapper help him polish and produce the album.

The Life of Pablo is a masterpiece, and is arguably one of West’s top projects in his successful career. After Yeezus, which was Kanye’s sixth studio album, many were angry and disappointed in Kanye as this album got many negative reviews and showed the distress and insanity that was going on in Kanye’s life at the time. The Life of Pablo represents change. During that three year period, Kanye went from being a lost bachelor to a father and a husband to wife Kim Kardashian.

Throughout the album, Kanye stresses the themes of change and expresses his love for his wife and children (Saint West and North West). He raps and sings about how he will protect them and always be there for them.

The album overall is a significant change and is quite different than any other album that West has produced. The album has received widespread criticism from many different sources. Some have called it “Yeezy’s best piece” and some have even called it worse than that Greek tragedy we call “Yeezus.”

In my opinion, the album was a beautiful piece and by far his best project, resembling the old Kanye that everyone knows. Yeezy is back; the writer’s block is over.