Watch Out For New Artist Tayler Buono

Casey McDuffie, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Tayler Buono’s official Twitter.

Born on September 2, 1993, Buono’s family knew she had something special about her.

In 2011, she started posting covers of some of her favorite songs, and followers fell in love with her soft engaging voice. She posted numerous videos that year and also released a self-titled EP as well.

The following year, she appeared on the show The Next with judges John Rich, Nelly, Joe Jonas and Gloria Estefan. Tayler was paired up with Joe Jonas, and he trained her to win the show. He came to her hometown Orlando, Florida and met her, her family and her friends.

Unfortunately, Buono didn’t win the show, but it showed her to go outside her comfort zone with song choices.

Today, she has a new EP out called Unseen, and is going back and forth between Nashville, Tennessee and Orlando, Florida. She is also constantly writing new music and “wow-ing” her audience with the new covers she posts on YouTube.

Some of my favorite original songs of hers have to be “It’ll Only Get Better” and “What if it Was,” which she wrote long before she released them in an EP. She also revised her lyrics and her songs have changed to fit her more.

She is one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met. She is a very down-to-earth young woman who loves life, family, and friends. We talk back and forth on Twitter and Facebook all of the time.