Do Not Procrastinate

Looking back at pictures can bring back old memories that can make us laugh and remember what we were doing in that exact moment, such as our senior year in high school, where it’s the year most of us all look forward to and the one we plan to enjoy the most because this is our last year in high school. Once we graduate, we finally become adults and now it’s up to us to face the real world. Now we have to be responsible and turn in work on time because we are no longer teenagers, and there are consequences to our actions.    

Procrastinating is never a smart thing to do, especially with important things such as our senior portraits.  The smart ones, who do them during summer, have more time to fix themselves up and don’t have to worry about the deadline, which is September 11th. Others wait until the last minute and have to deal with unnecessary stress.

Making an appointment for senior pictures when school started was harder, but it still took the same amount of time as it did in the summer.

                “It took me longer because my mom wasn’t there and the people that took their parents didn’t have to wait as long as I did due to the fact that I was alone,” said Anika Alam a senior. “Once my mom got there, they attended me right away. There was still a lot of people but it was fun and I felt like a model.”

During the summer there was a long wait, since there was a discount that attracted more people to take their senior pictures. Some couldn’t even find somewhere to sit or find a fitting room.

“It took me like five to six hours; I got there at 11 in the morning, and I got out of there at about 6 in the afternoon. It was the day that there was the 40 percent off deal and there was about 60 people,” said Bernard Eberhart.  “My pictures came out real good with my football and basketball jersey, and I also took them with my good friend Jeffrey so it was definitely worth the wait. “

                So even if we might have waited until the last minute or taken them during summer it was still, for most, an amazing experience and it was definitely worth the wait.