Is it Racist or is it Worth it?

The Washington Redskins football team has had its name since 1933 and has been a beloved team to many. But some Native American groups have said that the team name is offensive and a racial insult to their culture.

With this controversy going on, there are many people who are concerned and many believe we shouldn’t be concerned at all.

“I think this is just another little “event” that’s going to be big and serious for a while,” said Coach Franco. “but then many will realize that it costs money to keep this whole thing going.”

There are other perspectives of the situation that go past racial controversy.

“I’m surprised that it’s just with the Redskins. Soon, it’ll be PETA all over NFL’s case with, ‘Oh, why are you people using animals as mascots?’” said Mr.Brown “If anything, we shouldn’t even worry about this. It’ll drop soon maybe even before football season ends.”

Then there was another point of view that shared a more sensitive side to the situation.

“I feel the mascots for any team need to be designed with consideration for others” said Coach Herr.

With all of this racial, controversial stir, we wait for what the Washington Redskins will do.