The F-Word

Feminism is less an enigma and more a way to live life. 

Cajisha Telusme, Staff Writer

The most misconstrued and misinterpreted concept, word and movement of the modern day is feminism.

The pre-fix “fem” in feminism tends to make people think it only applies to girls but it doesn’t, nor does its issues. Boys can be feminists too! As long as they believe that both genders should be granted political, social and economic equality, which defines feminism at it’s most core basic level.

There are many facets to feminism as there are many facets to a person. For instance, if you love yourself and empower others around you, you can be coined a feminist.

One of the most influential celebrities of our time, Beyoncé Knowles, a self-proclaimed feminist, struts around in revealing sequin suits and chants for other women to bow down to her while she benefits at the attention of men and hands of her male corporate heads. In that light it seems like she could never be a feminist; it doesn’t add up with societies preconceived notion of what a “feminist” looks like and acts like, but with another glance, feminism can be altered by ones perspective. If wearing revealing outfits is something that makes you feel good, do it. But if you wear revealing outfits to gain the attention of men you have become another sexualized image of a girl in America.

“I don’t think I  can say I’m a feminist because I like when guys say they like my body. I like the compliments and male attention,” said an anonymous senior.

This is a misconception of feminism. Of course, men will like aspects of a woman and they can compliment those things. That has nothing to do with feminism, but if a woman allows a man to only see her as a sexual being, then that is what feminism doesn’t support.

When it comes to feminism, it must be balanced between the men and women of the world because women cannot allow themselves to be susceptible to men’s perversions. However, men need to see women in a respectable and equal manner. Women are far more than future-wives, lovers and mothers. They are friends, workers, bosses and intellectuals. They are people.