Weekend Wanderings : Andy Mineo and Lecrae Concert

Ana Lara-Cruz, Staff Writer

This time of year is one of the most enjoyable times of the year because its the time florida has many great concerts. My friend, Jessica Rouz and I attended a concert this weekend in Miami, beach at the Filmore Miami Beach at Jackson Gleason theater. The artists that performed were Lecrae and Andy Mineo.

Lecrae was born in the south side of Houston, but moved around to many other places such as San Diego, Denver, and Dallas and in this cities, he pursued and idolized the streets and led a destructive lifestyle. At age 19, he had realized his wrongs and wanted to pursue a better a life, so at age 25 he had released his first album. Lecrae isn’t known by many people today, but his album has made it to No.1 position on the iTunes Rap chart when he released “Anomaly.”

Andy Mineo was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, he struggled greatly with submission to authority and physical aggression. He had come to realization and felt shame towards all the wrong he had committed, so turned all his angry towards music. Since then, he’s has had various trials and tribulations but had overcome them with his music.

The concert began with DJ promote, he played remixes of different popular pop songs. The bass was so incredible that you could actually feel the room shake, the lights added a greater impact because they were bright flashy and all over the place.
After that amazing intro, there was a intermission and Andy Mineo took the stage. Mineo played a couple songs from his recent album “Neverland” and some songs from his old albums such as “Ayo” and “Formerly known”. His performance was extremely powerful and could feel his deep passion for what he does because of his lyrics and his powerful body movements. After Mineo came Lecrae, his performance is what made the concert so beautiful and meaningful.

As Lecrae performed, he presented various visuals of real life situations along with tracks from his new album. The visuals had an authentic vibe and were very heartbreaking to witness. The bass and beats were incredible, as well as his lights.

Overall, the message of hope and perseverance was really needed and was what made the night so wonderful.