Get Famous With Lindsey Lohan

Lindsay Lohan releases iOS and Android app, strangely familiar to Kim Kardashian’s game.


Cajisha Telusme, Staff Writer

Lindsay Lohan has finally decided that the only way to revive her career is by copying one of the latest moves made by one of the most influential celebrities of our generation, Kim Kardashian. However, she’s not doing reality TV -again- or posing for a controversial cover for Paper magazine. The actress, popularly known for her role as Cady Heron in Mean Girls, has released a game app for iOS and Android that allows you to- under Lindsay’s guidance- work your way to fame, while also trying to gain fans and change your outfits in the process. The game sounds similar to Kardashian’s own game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. But that’s not the worst of it: the game is called “The Price of Fame.” Lohan first announced its arrival on December 12th on Twitter and on her official website, stating that “you can become a famous celebrity just like me, but there is a lot of DRAMA along the way.”

A trailer has been released for the game and it reveals slim to nothing about playing the game. Instead, the trailer features the annoying techno music that will be played throughout the whole gaming experience.

When the game loads up audiences are welcomed by an animated version of Lindsay Lohan giving them their objective, and, of course, the repetitive techno music.

First order of business is to swipe up to gain fans. Each swipe guarantees a new fan and when a certain amount of fans are reached, a new level is gained and a new ability. For example, one must reach 400 fans before the gamer is allowed to change an outfit and personalize the user-generated character. Even when that is reached, there are still plenty of outfit pieces that cannot be worn until reaching another checkpoint number of fans.

This aimless swiping that powers everything in this game does get very boring, very fast.

There are positives to the game, however, if it isn’t looked at it as a game and is instead looked at as satirical form of visual expression. In the game there are options for publicity investments, conspicuous consumptions, and an entourage, which all include ridiculous and humorous options:



In light of all the celebrity nude leaks there’s an option to leak your nude as a publicity investment. How insensitive of you Lindsey?

image9Once you have Michelle Obama Jr. in your entourage you know your career is back on track.

image6Private planet? Private galaxy? Do I get my pick at which one I want? Or is there a waiting list for these kinds of things? Do Angelina Jolie and Brad get dibs on Venus?

Lohan has already started receiving mixed reviews. Some believe the game is genius and hysterical and will send her career into the right direction. Others, however, have expressed that putting it under the category of a game is misleading and she may be trying to hard to gain attention by ridiculing herself and only making herself look worse.

It’s a game for acquired taste, and if it’s not your taste the game should not be acquired.