12 of the Top DCOMS Ever Created

12 of the Top DCOMS Ever Created

Angelina Garcia, Staff Writer

If you were born in the late 90s or early 2000s, chances are that Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMS) were a part of your childhood.

With the exception of the majorly popular movie franchises such as High School Musical and the movies pertaining to a television series, these are probably some of the best DCOMS ever created. You know, back when they weren’t horrible.

12. Can of Worms

This is probably the movie that barely anyone seems to remember. Why? Probably because it’s completely horrifying. But, I mean, once you get past how creepy it is it’s actually kind of an interesting watch. It’s not high on the recommendation list because its appeal is probably completely consistent with it’s gross-out factor. Digging deep into this movie, and I mean really deep, its plot is actually focused around a feeling that many young people can relate to. The main character, Mike Pillsbury, feels like he just doesn’t belong anywhere on Earth. However, I don’t think many people sharing that same feeling would resort to speaking out to aliens. Created in the year 1999, it ties for the oldest movie on this list.

11. Smart House

An odd concept that’s actually pretty cool.. until it gets scary. Having a house that takes care of you is nice and all, but it’s just uncomfortable when it starts talking to you. Wouldn’t you  feel like you’re always being watched? Reading about the plot of this movie makes it seem as boring as boring can be, but the creators of this movie added in action-type scenes to raise the intensity, making it actually slightly humorous. All in all, a house that wants to trap you due to the dangers of the outside world is a house that nobody would want to live in.

10. The Luck of the Irish

This movie is the definition of a guilty pleasure. It’s not a great movie, but it’s also not horrible. It’s no Oscar-winning masterpiece, but no DCOM really is. Instead, they’re just for silly little plots and implausible scenarios, which this movie is packed full of. The family consists of leprechauns. No big deal though, because they only show their true form when the lucky coin of the family isn’t in the youngest family member’s possession. The teenage boy had it stolen from him but manages to snatch it back from his 200-year-old grandfather who stole it to begin with. No biggie.

9. Cow Belles

Out of all of the DCOMs that were created in the early 2000s, this is definitely one that played consistently through quite a few years. For a while it seemed like the only one in existence anymore, until it took a break, only to return a few more times years after it was made. I remember seeing it on Disney Channel, thinking “I used to like this movie” until realizing that I sort-of-kind-of still do. It’s your average Disney Channel movie, but it’s one of the few that has some sort of deeper meaning (that really isn’t that deep at all, but it works).

8. The Thirteenth Year

A boy who turns into a mermaid.. I mean, merman, at the age of 13? Sounds like the perfect idea for a DCOM. Tying with Can of Worms for the oldest movie on this list, it just happens to be almost as weird. An adopted boy who’s mermaid biological mother left him in a couple’s boat to hide. The couple adopts him, not knowing that their seemingly normal son will be growing fins once he hits his teen years. It’s an interesting concept for a movie, but also one that is way easier to appreciate when you’re younger. Now, looking back at this movie, I don’t quite understand why I watched it more than once.. or twice.

7. Jump In!

This is the most recently created movie on the list, having been released in 2007. It also marked the last of the DCOMs that aren’t torture to sit through. I might be somewhat biased though, considering I was beginning to deal with middle school at the time and after this movie my interest in watching new DCOMs faded. It wasn’t a bad movie at all, and I actually think it’s a surprisingly interesting concept. It’s nothing too over the top and actually more on the realistic side, a big difference from the oldest DCOMs on this list, because it’s based on a team of jump-ropers.

6. Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

The only immediate word I can think of to describe this movie is interesting. Having your teachers transform into the “animals” of martial arts to help you train to save the world? It’s definitely not your average plot in the slightest, but it also brings in more cultural aspects that many DCOMs seem to lack. Instead of it being a movie centered around saving the world and letting homecoming become perfect and amazing for all, it has a background to it that’s influenced by Chinese culture and history. A bit of a stretch, but I loved this movie when it was released. However, those moving statues definitely resurrected the creepy side of DCOMs that I thought had vanished.

5. Stuck in the Suburbs

Probably the DCOM with the cheesiest plot, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with loving it as a seven or eight-year-old or a  little bit older. A story consisting of two fangirls who gain control over a pop singer’s cell phone (career), then try to get him to save a historic house, which he declines, then he gives in, and suddenly all is well in suburbia. I don’t know what made this movie so easy to watch multiple times, but I can say it was probably one of my favorites. I can’t remember a single occasion when I turned down this movie to watch something else. Now, though, if this movie suddenly came out of retirement and I saw that it was on, I can’t make any promises to sit through it.

4. The Even Stevens Movie

Despite trying to avoid including movies based on a television series, I couldn’t help myself. If there’s a movie on this list that I’ve watched an infinite amount of times, it’s definitely this one (even though I’ve watched all of these multiple times). Disney definitely held onto this movie for as long as it possibly could, playing it year after year. Although it’s based off of the Even Stevens TV show, being an avid watcher of that show is by no means necessary in order to understand the movie. This could definitely be what allowed it to be so popular, considering that many TV-show-based DCOMs are hard to follow unless you’ve followed or at least watched some of the series. It was a funny movie, and way back when Shia LaBeouf didn’t think about going out with a bag over his head.

3. Get a Clue

I adored this movie. It seemed like the only DCOM in existence that had some sort of aspect of suspense and mystery to it. It had the typical group of teenagers that are nothing alike, as well as overly coincidental circumstances, but it’s oddly suitable for this movie. That could be what made it so entertaining back in the day, so I won’t argue with it. The story was weird and mysterious, all while including comic relief here and there. What kid doesn’t dream about being a spy one day?

2. Zenon

What a surprise, the second on this list is also one of my all-time favorite DCOMs. While there are many Zenon movies, there’s really no doubt that the first one is the best. Something about being a little kid and watching a movie about space and futuristic things that you could only hope will exist some day is nothing short of interesting and enticing. Maybe it’s only because I was extremely interested in space when I was younger, but this movie was cool. Now, it’s a walk in the park compared to other futuristic movies, but hey, the first of the series was made in the 90’s.

1. Halloweentown

I tried to avoid including the movies that have multiple sequels and are on the more popular side, but it’s the only DCOM on the list that I still watch here and there. I usually watch it around Halloween (obviously) considering Disney Channel still plays it in October every year. I loved it back when I was younger, and I still love it. It’s one of the few movies where the sequels aren’t really any worse than the first. Combining a holiday and a completely unrealistic plot, how could it not turn out like this? Possibly farfetched, but not bad.