Trending Now: #20BeautifulWomen


Santaluces chiefs Mishka Brice and Ilisha Strassler used these pictures for the #20BeautifulWomen

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

This past week, another famous trend started on Instagram. This trend asks women of all ages to post a picture showing their true beauty. No makeup, just true beauty.

The nominees have to tag 20 people and then the chain continues. This trend is intended to make women more comfortable in their own skin and not hesitate to post all natural.

”If a girl already has low self-esteem and she gets nominated, it will make her feel better about herself because someone thinks she’s pretty,” said senior Sancia Deizan.

To me, I don’t think this challenge is necessary. Every girl should know that she is beautiful and should not need a person to tag her saying she is. Another problem is that you have to pick 20 of your friends to tag. But what about that one friend you didn’t tag? She might feel that she is not pretty enough to be nominated.

”I believe this makes girls insecure about their looks because some haven’t been nominated,” said senior Kimberly Vazquez.

From one perspective, this challenge boosts self confidence and self esteem. For editor-in-chief Mishka Brice and staff writer Ilisha Strassler, this challenge was a way to remind people that your pictures do not always have to be in perfect condition. In Strassler’s picture, she was standing in front of a science museum then saw a massive bug coming towards her. Brice’s picture was of her at a halloween party dressed as a cat.