What to Do When You Have No One on Valentine’s Day


Haley Mooney

Briana Mazzocchi poses in front of a Valentine’s display showing her disapproval of the holiday.

Haley Mooney, Staff Writer

If you’re avoiding stores with huge Valentine displays, then it might be time to accept you will be alone on Valentine’s Day.

Worry not! It is still possible to have a good time when you’re alone. It may not be as fun as having someone to love but it’s good under the circumstances. Here are a few starting tips to be alone:

  • Stay away from all convenient  stores. Anything you think you will need for that day try and get ahead of time. A few months ahead of time if possible.
  • Do not go out to any nice restaurants. Try and get meals from restaurants with drive-thrus.
  • Avoid parks and beaches. Many couples like to go on “romantic” picnics at these places so it is best to just stay away.
  • Steer clear of all social media. Couples like to post all about their “perfect” relationship and all the gifts they have received. It will just make you more depressed at the fact that you’re alone.
  • Call in sick. If you work in a place where couples are bound to visit then it is best to come down with something that feels like the flu.
  • Hide from friends that have valentines. Friends in relationships will always brag about their partner on that day and unintentionally make you feel bad.

Those are the general tips for everyone who is alone that day. Now let’s get into detail on what to do to not feel so alone on Valentine’s Day. First thing’s first:

  • Get your favorite food. It is best to have this ahead of time so you can avoid the store.
  • Get together with all your other single friends. Misery loves company so the more single friends, the better.
  • Think of the money you’re saving. While all these lovers are out spending hundreds of dollars, you are saving tons of money by being alone.
  • Watch movies with independent lead roles. If they feel self-reliant, so will you.
  • Lots of sweets. Take advantage of the chocolate sales during this time period. It’s even better if you buy sweets during the after Christmas sales because it will save you money and they’re not all heart shaped.
  • Take advantage of great sleeping opportunities. If you sleep on Valentine’s Day you really don’t miss much but lovey-dovey couples showing each other off.
  • Shop ’til you drop. Spend the day splurging on yourself. Buy the jewelry that you deserve, and that no one else is going to buy you. Spend that extra cash for a new outfit to strut around town in.
  • Exercise. Get in shape and ready for next Valentine’s Day so you can blow everyone away.
  • Think of the next day. Will all the couples still be in their honeymoon phase? Most relationships go back to the everyday fighting and arguing but you will feel the same without any disappointments.
  • Do good deeds. Send a nice note to an elderly family member reminding them how much you love them.
  • Be happy with you. All in all you will still be single when it isn’t Valentine’s Day so suck it up, keep your head up high and get through the day because it will all be over tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day comes around every year. You are not the only single person in the world so you don’t get to wallow in self pity. Follow these tips to improve your day and even help you prepare a year in advance for the next Valentine’s Day.