My Ice Skating Experience


Colleen Rock

My sister, cousin, and me.

Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

Ever since I was small I heard of stories of when my parents lived in Upstate, New York – about how cold and long the winters were and what they would do to have fun. For my mom, it was watching hockey, along with just sitting in the arena, taking in the fresh shaved ice. She would sit there for hours, just for something to do.

These stories sparked an interest in me for wanting to go try out ice skating. I went when I was younger in elementary school, but that was long ago. So, my friend, Eliana, recommended me to go to Skate Zone, where they have two ice rinks and one roller rink. After suggesting the idea to go, my parents were all for it, mom being the most excited.

Entering the building isn’t the same as NewYork, but it was something. When picking skates, you are supposed to get the size that fits you the tightest, to where your ankles don’t wobble when you walk. When it was time to actually walk in the actual part that held the rink, I understood what my mom meant by cold.

Now, it was time for the hard part, the actual skating. Even thought I’m good at rollerblading, ice skating was slightly more unnerving. For the first good ten minutes I was near the wall, trying to get the feel of the ice (while glaring at my cousin who was helping my sister, because she’s been skating before). Eventually I finally got it, skating slightly faster, and away from the wall.

When public skating was over, we all were not ready to go. Begrudgingly we all put on our shoes, and packed up our stuff, but stopped when we saw hockey players exit out of the locker room. My mom being the hockey fan that she is, decided we should all stay and watch practice.

The difference from watching hockey on TV and real life was evident – it was much easier to watch the puck, and actually get the feel of the game.

For Florida, I’m lucky to get to experience at least some of what my mom used to do. I for sure want to go again, and possibly catch the last hockey game of the season, too.