Dates and Other Prom Myths

Cajisha Telusme, Staff Writer

Every girl, and even guy, has dreamt of prom; whether they’ve admitted it or not. In their quintessential prom dream, the prom-goer is escorted by the cutest person he or she knows. This fantasy is often times not reality.

Although, it is nice to have a date to prom it is just as nice to go alone because being alone does not correlate with being lonely., not even in the slightest.

Prom is much more than an event someone attends with a person deemed “arm candy.” No matter how much pressure your friends or parents put you through to get a date, it simply isn’t a necessity. Plus, having a date doesn’t always ensure a fun night and many veteran prom-goers can attest to this.

Prom is not only a school-sponsored dance however, it is a gathering of all the people in your class. People you haven’t spoken to since sophomore year will arrive in a dazzling ensemble and you can share a dance or rehash memories as the DJ blasts music through the Marriott ballroom’s speakers. Enjoying prom requires self-confidence, and the courage to let yourself have fun without worrying about having a date. There won’t be a secret addendum to the ballot electing you prom queen and no one is packing pig’s blood. 

There are a few myths about prom that need to be debunked:

1. You don’t need a date to have fun at YOUR senior prom. Accept your situation and be happy in it.

2. If you do have a date, you are not obligated to fulfill his/her expectations of that night.

3. You don’t NEED to wear a dress ladies. Formal attire is the dress code, but dresses are not the only option here. If you are uncomfortable in a gown you can opt for anything that falls in this category. For example, a jumpsuit with good fabric, a skirt and top ensemble with heels, or even a pair of skinny leg pants with a fancy wrap blouse are great alternatives. Prom is a formal dance and wearing what you want is the first step in enjoying this glamorous night. If you dress nice, you’ll feel nice, and if you feel nice you’ll have fun at prom!

4.”Promposals” are not a necessity. Being asked to prom is a nice gesture but not a vital, elaborate performance. If you do get a promposal, don’t say “no” but don’t settle either. It is all about your comfort zone.

5.  You don’t NEED to go to prom. Honestly, once it’s all said and done, prom doesn’t affect your graduation status, your college dreams, or even your life in the grand scheme of things. If it is truly less stressful for you to attend prom, don’t feel obligated to do so and make yourself uncomfortable. It is not a sacred “rite of passage,” it is just another dance but it has more hype than usual. Don’t think attending prom is “lame” or “basic.” It is, like anything else, an experience that without experiencing you won’t have the right to make an opinion on it and you may regret not being a part of a really fun night.

Prom is about you, not anyone else; so treat it like that. Make your decisions for yourself and you’ll feel better about all your decisions. You don’t need anyone’s permission to experience life or have fun.