The Problem with Pockets

Karen Garcia, Staff Writer

In the words of Ginger Spice, “When I came out of my mother’s womb I screamed: girl power.”

The world of fashion is ever-evolving. As the seasons come and go, trends seem to surface and sink. However, not all trends are unanimously accepted.

Women’s pants in particular have the tendency to lack actual front pockets. Instead of the real deal, they are reduced to embroidered faux pockets which serve no real purpose.

As we all know, pockets are essential features to any outfit; they can hold anything from car keys to ridiculously oversized cellphones. They also provide shelter for shivering hands on cold winter days.

I often tend to forget that most of my jeans do not have front pockets. On many occasions I have made futile attempts to shelter my hands from the dangers of the world, but when I reach down the only pocket I find is a pocket of lies.

“Faux pockets” may be the result of designers focusing more on seasonal trends rather than functionality, or perhaps the assumption that women will always carry a purse.

“I honestly believe the fashion industry is not helping women advance, and the lack of functional designs for women is one example,” said fashion designer Camilla Olson in an interview with The Atlantic. “When we’re working we don’t carry purses around. A pocket is a reasonable thing.” 

With an influx of trends every season, some designers may find it easier to recreate runway looks to sell at affordable prices. In the process, they are overlooking the necessity of pockets. Often, when designers do include pockets, they are too small to be of any benefit.

“I have one pair of oddball pants,” said senior Jessica Crotchfelt. “I don’t like putting my phone in my back pocket so it’s very frustrating.” 

When it comes to pocket size, men’s pockets are typically larger than women’s pockets. An ID is sometimes too big to fully fit inside a woman’s pocket.

As small as this problem may seem, it causes an enormous amount of frustration. It’s time to bring equality to all pants.